when u have a dipshit staff crew, support someone that you shouldn't and ignore everyone else
bro did u just pull an spa
by lokeydev January 25, 2020
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SPA- Sexy Piece of Ass
Commonly used to describe a girl who has a nice pair of buttocks
Guy1: Dammmn, look at that girls fine ass
Guy2: Yeah, total SPA!
by SPA ;) August 18, 2010
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1.Shitty Player Award
2.That one player that always fucks up a good play.
"Nice play Enrique trying to hold the SPA for the third year in the row."-Giovanni
"Shut up."-Enrique
by Ej the prp April 17, 2008
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"and Spa " is often added by business owners to "class up" their business or make it grander than it is. Usually added to salon, inn and hotel names. Usually "and Spa" translates to "the establishment has running tap water".
I'm going to get my hair done at Shaniqua's Weaves and Spa.
by philanewbie December 17, 2009
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With its roots originating in north inner city Dublin (circa 1980), the word "spa" remains prevalent amongst Irish youth today.

Spa is an abbreviation of the word spastic which is a medical condition related to muscle spasm or cerebral palsy, however it is important to note that the word spa is not to be taken as offensive to sufferers of these conditions.

It is more commonly used as a light hearted insult regarding idiotic behaviour.

An American equivalent might be asshole while the British counterpart might be plonker.
"George Bush is a complete spa!"
by Mee Julie January 01, 2009
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Short for spastic or spasticated person. Mostly used in the UK.
Alternatives include: Spastic, Spaz, Spazpuss, Spaztard and Spastard
Shut the hell up you Spaz.
You're such a Spaztard.
by Garrett February 03, 2005
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