Nineties catch phrase used within Australia. Originates from an ad campaign by the Solver Paints chain store.
by _Steve April 12, 2008
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Typically refers to a high-point pistol.

BTW a high-point is far from a problem solver
Yo deshawn. Grab my problem solver. That nigga that owes me money is down the block
by Lilbitchboy March 10, 2019
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A person who solves trouble. Solves trouble from troublemakers. a person who is able to come up with variable solution to causes and types of trouble.
Columbo is a Trouble-solver or Mark Sloane is a Trouble-solver e.g someone made a murder causing trouble therefore solved by said names.
by Sh*tbag April 23, 2009
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The Absolute Solver (also spelled "AbsoluteSolver") is a failsafe program from internet series “Murder drones” that seems to exist within all Disassembly Drones as an auto-repair initiative that takes control of their broken forms if they are damaged to the point where they cannot repair themselves. It's implied to be an overarching antagonist of Murder Drones, with one iteration serving as the main antagonist of "Heartbeat".

Following Serial Designation J's destruction from Uzi's Railgun, the Absolute Solver activates and creates Eldritch J. It then proceeded to kidnap the colony's Worker Drones using holograms to trick them and use their parts to create new material for J to be rebuilt from. However, it was later defeated by N after attempting to escape and imploded, reducing it to a black, floating orb.

Despite being a program supposedly exclusive to Disassembly Drones, its implied that the program can exist in Worker Drones as well under specific circumstances, with both Uzi Doorman and Doll displaying its symbol in their eye and also show specific traits such as Uzi's descent into sociopathy and Doll's desire to consume oil, implying a possible effect related to change in behavior.
Damn, the Absolute solver saved my life there… but now I gotta drink oil….
by cheesegameridk March 21, 2023
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Used in rap, means a gun.
Ill bring my problem solver, never know when shit might get live.
by tom October 30, 2004
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A gun, usually a revolver. Used by rappers.
"I got a problem solver, and it's name is revolver" - Dr. Dre
by Incognito Dude April 29, 2012
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A person who can find an insurmountable problem for every solution.
We were in danger of running out of problems until our solution solver Barry came in and solved all the solutions that had been decided.
by Niccolo1512 May 26, 2015
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