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n. noun
1. One of several loathsome members of the Obama administration, voracious monsters with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail, wings, and talons of a bird.
2. A predatory person, a Holder, a Sharpton.
3. A shrewish woman, a Hildebeest, a Lerner, a Sibelius.
The White House became the lair of the harfy, a hybrid of the ancient harpy and Marie Harf, known for its harfing.
by Niccolo1512 April 22, 2015

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A shelter for dung or a shit shack, often a shit head.
Hillary visited the stercorary and returned with a mouthful of samples which she spewed over her adherents.
by Niccolo1512 March 02, 2016

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A person who can find an insurmountable problem for every solution.
We were in danger of running out of problems until our solution solver Barry came in and solved all the solutions that had been decided.
by Niccolo1512 May 28, 2015

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While in the army I learned of the need to do the 3 esses upon returning to the barracks.
by Niccolo1512 April 22, 2015

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Creating devastation in an adversary's position by directing numerous tweets towards a general target creating effects similar to carpet bombing.
Trump's carpet tweeting has his media opponents convulsing as if they had pumped strychnine directly into their veins.
by Niccolo1512 July 04, 2017

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