A word to describe someone who thinks they are hard as nails or a roadman.
β€˜He thinks he is such a solid, but he looks like an idiot β€˜
by squids:) November 13, 2018
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saying something is okay, not too bad but not too good, like in the middle
"How do you think you did on the test today?"
"Eh, I think I did solid."
by Mel.B. April 01, 2019
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Used by neds. Has the same meaning as hard, in terms of strong, hard to break, ansd also difficult
"At test wis pure solid, man"
by He who shall not be named July 15, 2003
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Solid is a term for someone who acts very tough and usually hangs around with people who do drugs when he/she doesn't themselves.
*See a guy acting tough*
"Mate he is solid!"
"He's not even cool!"
by YaBoiDedoid June 06, 2017
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'Solid' is term for a partner one has been romantically involved with for a long period of time and is not married to. This term is appropriate for couples to use when most people would expect them to be married and better conveys commitment over use of 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend'.
by shiftmo August 14, 2012
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A friend who is not your best friend, however they are really close to you. You don't necessarily need to chill with them all the time like you would a best friend. You can even go weeks with out talking to them, but when you do chill its like you've never been apart. A solid will be there for you no mater what. They're a friend who can last a life time as apposed to a best friend, where your friendship could crumble over the years. Its just having a true genuine friend.
Pino, Emily, Lorena, Paola, Kdogg, and Nahaff are my solids for life.
by Lauren Feliciano August 09, 2008
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