A common misspelling of the word soldier often used by little Eastern European kids or others who can't English while playing video games.
Eastern European squeaker squeaks: "no fair solider is op snoipur is no fun is gay"
South American kid with 927 ping responds "haha bich sniper is gey and i wrecks ur muma" while wrecking squeakers mum
by professorpigskin August 3, 2018
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Badass mambajamba who voluntarily gives and sacrifces more than anyone else.
The solider lived up to what his name stands for.
by jenmek November 11, 2010
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SOLID FOR SOLID means to repay someone a real blessing in fair exchange for a real blessing. For example, "do me a solid" is a request for a real blessing. SOLID FOR SOLID is fair exchange for that real blessing.
Sweet Thang: Aye, I need some help moving into my new crib.

Superman: I need some help around my house.

Sweet Thang: Aight bet. Solid for solid.
by Big Daddy Hustler June 9, 2021
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someone that stays by your side and never folds no matter what💯
me : mane he been rocking wimme since the 4th grade

yea that nigga solid
by miaa.babyyy_ March 31, 2019
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Like a favor with your bros but it matters more
A Favor: "Can i borrow a nickle"

"Yea sure"

A Solid: "Yo check out that babe at the bar"

"I'll wing man that bro, dont worry, i got this"

A Favor: "I need a pen"

"Take this"

A Solid: "I shot that bitch at the bar"

"I'll help with the body"
by Chris Boshs Neck October 16, 2012
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Can be used to describe a favor done for someone.
by DB January 14, 2005
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