Sand Nigger, one whose genetic origins derive from the Arab Middle East, including Osama Bi Laden, the Bin Laden family, Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (Arabic: ÇáÃãíÑ ÈäÏÑ Èä ÓáØÇä Èä ÚÈÏÇáÚÒíÒ Âá ÓÚæÏ ), all members of the House of Saud (Âá ÓÚæÏ) a/k/a the royal family of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The SNs must have had knowledge of 9/11. The SNs control the price of oil. The SNs shake our hand while sticking a knive in our backs.
by DavidinMiami October 5, 2007
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him: send nudes
me: sn, fuck you thought this was
by cutiepie122333 May 15, 2018
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HEHEH....Brandon got fucking butt fucked last night! SNS!
by Jax Rose July 20, 2011
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The term SNS generally refers to a Social Networking System or the platform that it is served on (Social Networking Software).
SNS Services:
MySpace, Friendster, Linked In, Orkut
SNS Software:
Groove, Blaxxun, Drupal
by Leming August 25, 2005
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I am going to slap my mom..... sn, I will never do that.
by C R E A T O R August 27, 2017
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An acronym for "say nothing". Typically used in text when someones pissed off and doesn't feel that the other person deserves to speak.
Twat -" I didn't mean to fuck your girlfriend"
You -"sn"
by joeboy44 April 6, 2016
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