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A person with high thinking level, very intelligent and passionate. He gets along with everybody. He is the best friend, loyal and always puts his loved ones before him. When it comes to love he is extremely erotic and seductive, he will rock your world in bed. He also destined to become a leader. He can become so protective at times but if he does that, that means he really cares about you.
I need Abdul Aziz as my life partner
by buzyalways December 28, 2016
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To get yourself out if a truly awful situation with literally the most unbelievable excuse imagineable
"I promise your honour, it was terrible; I caught me foot on the carpet, me pecker slipped out me boxers and I fell onto the girl. I slipped inside her. I tried to get up but just kept falling back down. I didn't mean to Abdul Aziz her"
by BeakBrain April 20, 2016
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An adjective that describes with great intensity as to how great an individual is regarding their general presence . Usually used when the human mind limits the greatness of a being, when it cant fathom the unsubstantial aspect of reality.
He is so Abdulaziz *mind implodes*
by Uncle_yeetus April 13, 2019
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