The term SNS is a text/instant message term asking for sex with no strings (attached). Popular on hook-up websites.
Anybody down for some SNS?
by alasexboi July 30, 2006
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An acronym for "Saggy nut syndrom". You have saggy nut syndrom if your scrotum hangs more than 3 inches from your gooch. Males with SNS usually get made fun of for their saggy balls but they learn to accept it. Many chicks dig guys with sns because they can get t bagged while the male is still standing up. Males with SNS are some of the coolest guys on earth.
Dan: "Derek is the only guy i know who can go balls to the wall ten feet from the wall."

Derek: "Yea thats cuz i've been blessed with sns."
by ddawg123 February 16, 2011
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That girl on the dance floor is wearing plain flip flops. That is soooo SNS.
by CraigTricamo November 4, 2010
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Supernumerary Nipple Syndrome (SNS)

The formation of an extra nipple. This cataclismic event takes place while in utero and lasts for the entire lifespan of the affected individual.

Function: It is said that pressing the third nipple opens the delivery entrance to the magical land of Narnia.

Other forms of this term has emerged in recent years such as nubbin (from the show "Friends"), nipplet, Supernumerary Nipple (SN), third nipple, Stargate, & neonip.
Girl: "So what's it do?"

Boy: "What's what do?"

Girl: "You know ... your third thingy ..."

Boy: "Oh you mean my SNS? Ya, press it to open the delivery entrance to the magical land of Narnia."
by layZ2BPnoy June 28, 2010
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Screenshot N Send. Commonly used when someone DM’s a meme from a private Instagram account. The receiver will reply “sns” to let the sender know they don’t follow that account and need to be sent a screenshot of the meme.
sns I don’t follow that account
by Mkat February 11, 2019
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"Swole Nigga Status" Usually used in the gym before or after some one is lifts heavy weight or by any one who looks like they live in the gym. If some one eats, sleep, and shits, about iron they will say they are on their "Swole Nigga Status". this can also be used by any stronger than normal guys. If some one is doubting your ability to lift something heavy you can respond with im on my "Swole Nigga Status" once you lift it. the guy people are watching hit the most weight in the gym is on his "Swole Nigga Status" trying to get bigger. When helping some one move heavy furniture(couches or refrigerators, ect.) better be on your "Swole Nigga Status". Some one just broke some thing because they under estimate their strength due to being on that "Swole Nigga Status" (been in the gym to long). When some one claims"Swole Nigga Status" they will some times refer to some things such as eating to much, walking through a door way sideways, not being able to put your arms all the way down by your sides, as Swole Nigga Problems. If one lives in the gym they know the acronym SNS.
Guy 1: That bad has wheels so u don't have to carry it its heavy.
Guy 2: Heavy???? Im on my SNS and proceeds to carry the bag.
Any one who carry's a gallon jug around all day is probably on their SNS.
If you have Swole Nigga Problems your probably on your SNS
by To Swole for sleeves November 4, 2013
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a special needs kid. (see sped )
he is such a sn
by 38741894138912731371 February 27, 2011
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