To have taken advantage of someone in either business of personal affairs through deception, deceit or duplicity.

Circa early '70s, US Army
"You didn't get the assignment to Japan that was a part of your enlistment contract? You were buttfucked by your recruiter!"
by buffalo patty April 23, 2005
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1 to have anal sex
2 to be in trouble
1 i buttfucked her/him so hard last night
2 oh great, we're so buttfucked
by the ultimate bitch slap November 01, 2017
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The art of using your rifle butt to literally fuck someone up in a war zone scenario....
American Troop: *gun goes click*
Wehrmacht Troop: *gun goes click*
American Troop: It's time to get butt fucked you Kraut Bastard!

*American Troop proceeds to smash Opponents skull in repetitivly with his rifle butt*
by SovietSpaghetti August 28, 2016
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A slang term which refers to someone who is overly drunk
"Did you have a good time at the club last night"
"Yeah, I was totally butt fucked"
by Boon December 30, 2004
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1: "The server just butt-fucked my computer."
2: "That girl legit butt-fucked my TV last night."
3: "My laptop just got butt-fucked by a virus."
by ShadeWolfy September 04, 2017
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