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Acronym denoting "Soccer Mom Assault Vehicle". Basically any vehicle stereotypically used by "soccer moms", re-purposed as a tactical transport/ gun platform, etc. Includes, but is not limited to; minivans; station wagons; SUVs; etc.

Typically used by SWAT, security contractors, and similar personnel, the vehicle is usually modified primarily by the removal of seating, and treated like a ground-based helicopter. Personnel aboard are secured using remaining seat-belts, floor mounted seating hardpoints, and handholds within the vehicle. Additionally, personnel may ride on the exterior of the vehicle, if equipped with roof racks and/ or running boards.
The SMAV will approach the target structure, where it will deploy the breach team.
by Jack Stecker May 07, 2016
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A smav is a smart chav; one who wears a suit to work, but generally has a head full of hair that is in disarray. A smav usually has trouble tying a proper knot in his tie; it's usually a big loose mess hanging around his neck, and the tie itself ends up ending halfway up his shirt.

Smavs usually refer to each other and their friends as 'bruv' and 'fella'.

Smavs tend to go to the toilet in groups for some reason, and they often neglect to wash their hands, as it doesn't matter; whatever's on their hands will go some way to styling their hair 'style'.
"Jesus, do your tie up properly; you look a right smav"
by Laowai July 03, 2009
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"Hey, that chav over there just got an A On his test!"
"Oh, he must be a smav..."
by Honey_Meh December 06, 2008
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Acronym for "smell my anal vapor," a saying infamously coined by El Duce of the Mentors. Can be used as a verb to describe the act of smelling ones anal vapor.
Example 1:

Neil: Damnit Bob! I know it was you who bombed the toilet!


Example 2:

While giving my wife some head she farted; therefore I smaved her.
by Kontrolfreak July 28, 2016
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