Overly common slang that people sling around excessively.
I'm really tired of hearing the same slang words being slung around all the time!
by Jeff D March 11, 2006
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hey! dumb bitch you made my slung hard

Yeah! dat bitch had my slug hard so I had to fuck her.
by Stevo G February 5, 2008
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An extremely toxic, malformed, smelly, slugdy, used, distressed, wrinckled Clunge/a poor quality item sold by clunge dealers (usually exchanged at £10 per item)
Mark: "Yo Grayson Pubes! have you seen that Alfie Waite's Sweaty scarab Slunge?"
Grayson Pubes: "Yh man, He did a drive by Slunge attack on me last week ! I had to burn the stains off of my skin with Holy water"

Stanpeenisman: "yo Batcockmam i managed to land a date with jordan waite tonight"
Batcockmam: "I would watch out if I were you Stanpeenisman. I Heard she's got a Slunge"
Stanpeenisman: "Eww fuck that! sleety bitch then"
by Alfie waite February 2, 2022
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Slung is a slang word for beating someone/getting beaten.
A: Yo! I saw Josh get absolutely Slunged on yesterday. It seemed brutal.
by dulasd April 7, 2019
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Cross between a Slut and Junge
"Damn that girl fucked three boys on one night?"
"Yeah shes such a slunge"
by S..x May 27, 2006
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Slurry + Clunge = Slunge

A Home & Away loving girl who has a moist, marsh feeling no-no square. She enjoys long walks on the beach and leaving a trail of STD's in her path.

She will probably grow out of this phase and become good wife material in her late 30's (you'll probably have the same STD's by the time you want to settle down, so don't put her in the bin yet).
Person 1: "That chick is such a slunge, she needs a shower after all that d."
Person 2: "Welp, true Prue."
by Kimdracula September 1, 2020
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often used to describe girls in general.

more particularly used to depict a slutty clunge or a manky septic snatch.
"oh my, david...we out on the slunge tonight?"

"yes I think we are peter, last nights slunge was well below par"
by bricklovesslungeforever December 3, 2009
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