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Acronym for "Santi's Little Helpers", official fan club for Chicago pop punk band The Academy Is...

Known to consist of many teenies (especially for the lead singer, William Beckett), but the club's private message boards consist of a tight-knit community of fans, who are often rivalled with the other large TAI fan community, TAI LiveJournal Community.
At a TAI show in Texas:
Girl 1: Ugh, look at that SLH teenie. She's probably only here to declare her love to William.
Girl 2: Are all members of SLH like that?
*Sexas posse rock up*
nycblondi13: No way, boardies >>>> teenies.
by kissedmyfears July 19, 2009
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Severe Laser Hatred. Someone who despises lasers, and feels they must replace them with railguns or Metal Storm-type cluster cannons.
Jon "Ben, can I have lasers on my tank?"
Ben "NO! I hate lasers, you should have railguns or Metal Storm-type cluster cannons instead."
Jon "Calm down! You sure have a bad case of SLH!"
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Turk was rocking this SLH at the club. Nigga thinks it helps him get laid.

You can find us on facebook. Just search for "Silly Little Hats".
by Turk D September 28, 2010
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