A very good friend /Bestfriend . She is funny ,kind,weird and annoying sometimes. She is trustworthy. She cares about others more than herself. She makes everyone smile . She hangs around with boys and is mainly friends with boys . She is pretty. She is LOYAL.
Get a friend like Beverley .
by MissRfabulous August 9, 2019
A wonderful girl who is wise and fun!
I love that Beverley
by texts March 15, 2015
A beautiful, energetic, confident, funny women who loves to have fun.Who does not take any shit from anyone and she is really fun to be around.
Wow she is so fun to be around

Ya she is such a "Beverley"
by Nevaeh Brown June 6, 2017
A female name,popular in America after the famous Beverley Hills. The term Beverley means 'Beaver meadow' or 'Beaver Stream'
Beverley just phoned
by xCandyx May 23, 2005
Tagging along with a friend when out clubbing but wind up being an awkward bore.
A: Your mate John, he came out with us then just sat there texting and sulking.

B: I know, what a Beverley.
by dangerousdarren12 July 19, 2011
An epic fail or mishap usually to be blamed on a single person or event.
i) I was about to score with my gf but then life gave me a beverley and my brother came home.

ii) Stephen Hawking was about to solve the ever mysterious mysteries of the universe; instead having to deal with a major beverley after Einstein accidentally turned the power off.
by SplashMan93 July 3, 2011