"Son I'd like to fuck". milf dilf
Did you see the SILF wearing the letter jacket with his mom and dad at the restaurant?
by Steven Faye March 7, 2006
JONNI: Hey dougs sisters ass is so nice
Tom: I kno she is such a silf
by HOWZA95 February 19, 2009
Sandwich I'd Like to Fuck. No metophore, no second meaning... It's just a ham, cheese, tomatoe and lettuce on wheat sandwich that you would like to smother with your Man Mayo.
Schoolboy 1: Hey did your mom pack your lunch today?

Schoolboy 2: Yeah... Why?

Schoolboy 1: SILF!!! *starts fucking sandwich*
by Kkris September 5, 2008
my sister got out of the shower the other day and i couldnt resist the urge to finger bang her, which then led to jizz worthy fornication.
that hoe's a mother fucking SILF!!!
by Jackzilla April 2, 2009
pratshan: wow look, a pink SILF i've never seen one of those before
frankesky: bugger off you butters minger. UGLYYYYY. mmmm that is a nice SILF though =
by natttt =] December 11, 2007
Smiley I'd Like (to) Fuck.
That emoticon is a total SILF.
Slug I'd Like to Fuck
Slug as in a woman with a damp pussy
You see that girl over there, what a SILF.
I want that SILF to rub all over my bald head.
by seacull16 June 13, 2018