Hey Jim, check out the whiskers on that small pink slightly curved sea dweller! A regular SILF and no mistake! High five!
by Roger McTodger November 16, 2004
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SILF or SILFing. Self Inflicted Laughing Fit.

A SILF occurs when you do or think about something that amuses you so much you have a laughing fit. You might send a text to a friend that makes you collapse on the floor with laughter.
"I just handed out brochures whilst doing the chicken or beef dance to the theme tune of Air Crash Investigators. hahaha tears! I just SILFed myself!"
by VIK&GABS February 27, 2014
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1- Literally: Sammich I'd Like to Fuck

2- A sandwich so delectibly delicious that you'd like to first have your way with it before its yummy is in your tummy.
Man! I fucking need a SILF! We gotta go pick us up a pair of SILFs on our lunch hour today, Derek!
by PopFree Monkey February 7, 2007
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sister I'd like to fuck, <wink> jeff webb's sister <wink>
by winkleman March 17, 2004
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S.I.L.F. Son I'd Like To Fuck.
Mother - "George, isn't our handsome son developing into such a SILF?"

Father - "I have a SILF and I'd like to stick my fat cock into his eager son-ass and ride him hard all night."
by Architect of Desire May 14, 2008
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Student I'd like to fuck.
Used by teachers/professors.
Teacher 1: Did you see ____ today?

Teacher 2: Yeah.
Teacher 1: Daaamn, she's a SILF!
by cmarchieyo. May 16, 2010
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