A form of plant. Not too big or expensive.
"You must bring us... A shrubbery!"
by Juke March 26, 2004
We will return here with a shrubbery. One that looks nice, and not too expensive.
by Robbie July 9, 2004
A tart berry (little lee-way please) who's tasters can't quite figure if it's good or not. Despite problems with an outside lack of intelligence, the shrubbery's approval ratings seem to stay above those of Johnberry.
I ate a Shrubbery and couldn't feel my tounge afterwards.
by cbeck July 11, 2004
An unreasonable request added to a task by someone who wishes you to fail. From the Monty Python "Knights who say Ni" sketch.
Bob: "In order to convince me that global warming is real, you will have to show that all temperatures everywhere on the globe are setting records at all times."

Bill: "Uh huh. Would you like a Shrubbery as well?"
by Al Benedict June 26, 2013
An object that is usually small and round-ish, and can consist of one or several various plants; usually fuzzy, short plants or thorns. They are known for their quaintness, delicacy, and outrageous prices. The Knights of Ni regarded this particular plant with great admiration.
"In order to pass by this way, you must give us... a SHRUBBERY!!! (scary music)"

"I am Jim the shrubber. I make, design, and sell shrubberies."
by Iamthecow February 4, 2010
Marijuana. Use it when you don't want "The Man" to know what you're talking about.
"Dude, can you get me any shrubbery? I'm out."
by spammy June 26, 2003
Pubic hair, especially trimmed and/or styled.
Some like it bare but I like a little shrubbery.
by weirdunclebob November 17, 2010