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A large person with Russian heritage who:
-takes no shit from others
-throws his weight around whenever possible
-enjoys vodka and occasionly consumes it in excess
-can be easy to get along with at times or a big bastard at others
-has his own opinions about just about evrything and isn't scared to speak his mind
-hates yuppies, city people, and anyone who is ignorant to how the world operates outside of city limits
-enjoys hibernating for vast periods of time summer and winter
-has an urge to travel the world and some day return to the motherland
"Hey Russian Bear come here for a minute."
by ren008 December 05, 2004
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1. During the 1970's porn movement, an actor who's character resembled a large russian male with a heavy accent, limited english vocabulary, hairy chest, and beard (similar to that of a lumberjack).

2. Strong and Intimidating. Capable off crushing your body with their bare hands.
Ben: You seen this one yet?
Brett: No, sure is old though. Couldn't you have found some newer stuff? The girls in this don't even shave..
Ben: Haha! Look at his hairy old ass.
Brett: (with thick accent) Like russian bear, I break your legs!
by Bstylie November 15, 2006
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A guy at work that is always on the road having gay sex with a copious amount of men.
I heard the Russian bear(mark) took it real hard from frank this week.
by Mr Dumas June 13, 2017
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