when a person says they are going to “Rundown” that usually means they are looking for a person/group or already know where that person/group is and the person is either by there self or with others. You might have did something to anger them or disrespect. when the person sees you, you have to be ready for anything.
“i can’t believe he robbed my house and took all my money but I know where he’s at right now, let’s rundown on this goof!”
by Chantelott July 7, 2022
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Rundown is well known throughtout the youtube community as the best Ricochet Tuber on Call of Duty.
Rundown hits bills all day, and in his spare time he works at cracker barrel.
by Rundown Rules May 25, 2012
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Rundown is the jizz that runs, or flows down the shaft of an erected penis upon ejaculation. It refers to all jizz that makes its way down the shaft, whether from sex with a tight vagina, or from masterbation.
After Mike ejaculated from Michelle's hand-job, the rundown came flowing down his penis.
by Thomas May 14, 2004
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1. A point-by-point summary.
2. Baseball A play in which a runner is trapped between bases and is pursued by fielders attempting to make the tag.

1. In poor physical condition; weak or exhausted.
2. Dirty and dilapidated
3. Unwound and not running
Please give me a rundown on went happeded during class.

Catching my friend's cold left me feeling rundown.

That aboandoned house sure looks rundown.

I forgot to wind my watch, again, and now it has rundown.
by Carl Kuyath March 16, 2007
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2 b gettn ur hustle on huntin 4 heads
Shorty: "Aye, yo, o'G. Where u headn 2?"
o'G: "I'm on da rundown 2 pop a few fools who aint paid up mayn"
Shorty: "Right on, see u 4 dinna."
by Snoop_D_O_DoubleG March 12, 2008
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1. the basis of an idea
2. telling the dj to turn up the music
1. "Hey can i get the rundown of the sit.?"
2. "Get the rundown!"
by Katerina Stevens May 14, 2006
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