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1. A point-by-point summary.
2. Baseball A play in which a runner is trapped between bases and is pursued by fielders attempting to make the tag.

1. In poor physical condition; weak or exhausted.
2. Dirty and dilapidated
3. Unwound and not running
Please give me a rundown on went happeded during class.

Catching my friend's cold left me feeling rundown.

That aboandoned house sure looks rundown.

I forgot to wind my watch, again, and now it has rundown.
by Carl Kuyath March 16, 2007

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males and females
Hey y'all, we can get into the park cheaper if all y'all bags n bitches make an equal contribution to the kitty.
by Carl Kuyath July 24, 2008

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a combination of limp and dick. It means as lame as lame anything can be.
Dude, that stunt you pulled on yousr sister was total limpick.
by Carl Kuyath November 23, 2007

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