To try and and tell someone else what to do. Also could be seen as trying to control another person.
Boyfriend: I don’t want you to wear that skirt.

Me: Don’t try to me run me dude
by Kash414 October 30, 2018
Term used to instruct someone who is being robbed or jacked for their belongings.
by Camdagr8 December 17, 2019
screw me over
Yo yo run me or what?
by noamzeelan September 23, 2017
To spend a big portion of money that you cannot afford. (usually when someone asks for money and sometimes for something ridiculous)
"Hey man, I'm going to buy some drinks for the party. Do you have about 200 dollars, I'm a little short since a lot of people are going and I'm buying some high priced drinks."
"Hell no dude, 200 fucking dollars?! Are you trying to run me dry?"
by jazzypatsan October 3, 2013
When someone talks big but their game weak and you know youre better than them.
Someone: yeah I bet I can beat your ass
Me: aight run me up then
by Lil thong April 17, 2019
Boss: Hey John, why don't you stay late tonight?
John: Why don't you run me a buff?
by Bill Smif March 24, 2006