when you aren't allowed to sleepover at a friends house, you stay until like 11 or 12 and then get picked up...
Hey mom, can I have a stay late at Gabbi's house?
by Elleofthegabri January 18, 2018
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Drinking in pubs and clubs late into the night and into the morning.
Cosmo: "Hey Matt we should Stay out late drinking."
Matt: "Can't do that any more bro, I have to go home and look after my baby"
by Cosmo86er March 25, 2021
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on march 28-29 you stay up really late on ft with your friends cuz of corona time
yo its march 28 we gotta stay up late tn because its national stay up late day (march 28-29 is national stay up late day)
by berthalamule March 29, 2020
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this person would rather stay up all night watching tiktok or youtube than go to bed. this person gets no sleep and is addicted to their phone. if you don’t do this you are either homeschooled, left handed, or a ginger.
my senpai has an addiction to staying up late.
by daddytigger October 20, 2023
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