A shot of dark rum in a pint of beer - to be chugged.

Usually awarded as a penalty in social sport - for a four putt in golf, or a dropped catch in cricket.

Of South African origin.
That’s a rumbler putt
You still owe us a rumbler
by Nisbo March 9, 2019
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A jug or pitcher of Rum (alcoholic spirit).
"It's fun to get fuc*ed up with bix and a rumbler"
by Big_Tex September 11, 2007
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Hungry. Derived from the noise made by the stomach (rumble).
oi i'm baaaaaare rumblers
by Ali 22 March 8, 2006
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When you sit on the table, and you fart. The resulting roaring sound is a Mississippi Rumbler.
Andy: Hey have you heard of a Mississippi Rumbler?

Dalen: No I haven't.

Andy: (farts) Ha, now you have! That registered a 8.2 on the Rumbler scale!

Dalen: Oh man!
by The Mississippi Rumbler November 12, 2009
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The female's answer to a dirty sanchez, when your girlfriend farts while you are giving her oral. The proximity of the chin to her release valve results in a rumbling sensation. Usually followed by a break-up.
"Where's Rhonda?"
"Bitch gave me a chin rumbler, so I gave her the boot."
by udm111 February 25, 2010
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You feel a surprise come from your a hole (you farted) and it rumbles your nut sac and everything inside your nut sac.

The action of the fart or gas (queef if your a fag), rumbles (shakes or moves) your gens (balls).
Yo dude I just had a "gens rumbler". You smell that?

Oh shit man you smell that, you been rumblin those gens or what???

Drew: Gens Rummmmmbler!

Walt: Fuck you man (He gets off the couch and leaves the room)
by Whale Dick May 5, 2009
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you sneak up behind a chick and jiggle her tits kinda roughly ... if you do it to a guy its still pretty vioilating
dude that guy just gave you a kentucky rumbler
by Gary Michell June 1, 2007
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