The general rule that you should always bring a towel just in case you do something stupid so at least people will say "Hey that guy/gal really knows where their towel is". Coincidentally this is also the meaning of life and all questions because all answers can be deprived from 42 an example of this would be: How many minutes dose it take to make a marshmallow peep answer 42 because 4+2=6 and it takes 6 minuets to make. Part of the 100+ general rules of the universe.
Bob: What should I bring to my camping trip to Death Vally?

Jim: Always remember Rule 42: Always bring a towel.

Bob: Why? a towel there is no reason I would need it.

Jim: But what if you get lost then with a knife and a little time you can make a turban like hat to shield your eyes so you don't over heat and go temporally blind, or what happens when you need some sort of bag but you only have a knife a towel and some rope you could make your own knapsack.

Bob: Thanks Jim for reminding me about Rule 42.

Jim: No problem.

by Raegon October 26, 2008
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If it exist, ther is a pony version of it.
by janniluk October 30, 2011
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In Wonderland, a rule of the Queen of Hearts' court stating all persons more than a mile high must leave the court immediately.
King: "Rule 42, all persons more than a mile high must leave the court immediately!!"

Alice: "I am not a mile high, and I'm not leaving."
by Disnevytte August 30, 2010
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Forgiving others who have hurt you
I am showing rule 42 towards your situation.
by Project Legion October 20, 2021
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If it’s a flavor, someone has vaped it.

Props to you if you know where this is from.
F1: Do you have expressed anal gland vape juice?
F2: Yeah, I got some.
F1: Can you mix that anal gland juice with this onion?
F2: Damn bro, you a juiceologist?
F3: What the fuck is wrong with these people... Rule 42 knows no bounds.
by Bruhsepphu May 10, 2020
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The original Rule 42 was stated over 9000 years ago, at the end of World War I. It states, "The face is not important compared to this." The modern definition can be considered Tits or GTFO
"Oh, hai guys! I'm new to this thread lolz. What's up?"

"Rule 42 bitch!"
by Anonymous Contributor Person February 18, 2009
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Guy 1: I see this damn number everywhere, it's like it's following me.

Guy 2: Rule 42
by BastardSon1 August 5, 2008
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