If it exist, there is a pony version of it. No exceptions.

Started by the brony fanbase of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
There is nothing wrong with non-ponified things, ponifying just makes them around 20% cooler.
rule 42 of zoidberg meme: "Need a new zoidberg? why not pinkie pie?"
by DutchBrony October 30, 2011
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a: "i cannot believe they are de-sanctifying Mother Mary in this atrocious satanic collage!"
b: "well, nothing is sacred. rule 42 lady..."
by superfail March 7, 2009
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If they will do it for you, they will do it to you
Well she started screwing you while with another man, then she started screwing another dude when you were with her and you are now surprised? She pulled The 42 Rule on you, dude, she did it FOR you then she did it TO you.
by RobertoB January 19, 2021
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Rule 42 states it's whatever is in your mind, so maybe don't project all those negatives, Nancy.
by MissNeona May 18, 2022
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