When you fuck in an airplane at least a mile in the sky.
Billy: yo Joe when did you jump on that ass last?
Joe: boy we did a mile high like in those movies. There was even another girl too.
by Don't trust my defs January 5, 2016
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to have sex on an airplane or to be very successfull.
«yo that girl has so much money» «yeah she’s mile high»
by mackan August 25, 2020
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Taking a shit in a cramped airplane bathroom while in flight. A pun on "mile high club".
Took a mile high shit during the plane ride home. Stunk up the cabin real bad. I should have taken a pre-flight shit at the airport!
by LonePooper February 3, 2018
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having sex in an in-flight airplane, technically while at least a mile above the ground
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
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Where people attempt to have sex in the lavatory of an airplane whilst mid-flight
A flight attendant saw Stacy and Craig doing a Mile High Club
by TheDeadInside May 3, 2023
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Having sexual intercourse of any type inside and airplane. Usually considered to take place in the lavatory.
Follow me into the bathroom big boy and we'll join the mile high club. http://www.themilehighspy.com/content.html
by The Mile High Spy August 22, 2008
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When you take that last hit of some weed and burning embers fly into your throat burning the back of the throat for hours.
"UGKK!" -Me
"Pipe shit on you? What up yo?" -Homie
"Yeah, but worse. Throat burn, yo. Mile high fireflys!" -Me
"Haha!" -Homie
by Mud E York May 21, 2013
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