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If it’s a flavor, someone has vaped it.

Props to you if you know where this is from.
F1: Do you have expressed anal gland vape juice?
F2: Yeah, I got some.
F1: Can you mix that anal gland juice with this onion?
F2: Damn bro, you a juiceologist?
F3: What the fuck is wrong with these people... Rule 42 knows no bounds.
by Bruhsepphu May 10, 2020
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In reference to an Egg, still masquerading (to themselves and/or others) as Cisgender, acting or doing things that seem to indicate the person in question could be an Egg/Transgender.
Person 1: (cis guy): (is leaving store with a skirt)
Person 2: Hey... why do you have a skirt?
Person 1: ...
Person 2: You're acting pretty cispicious...
by Bruhsepphu May 9, 2022
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Yo dawg how much do you nut?
Like 23 times a day brother.
by Bruhsepphu January 28, 2019
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