An extremely bonehead political move. Usually done right after winning an election. Named after Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister that thought it would be a good idea to raise booze prices in a nation of boozing voters.
Politician: I've raised the tax of pre-mixed spirits by 200%!
Aussie Jack: Dude, you just pulled the biggest rudd I've ever seen.
The absolute epitomy of anything scum/vermin/filth. The highest degree of anything that is scum.
"Look at that Vermin over there. He has just been minesweeping drinks, before stumbling out of The Fudge. Now he is eating a mouldy pizza out of the bin while pulling a shitpig! Outrageous behaiour, now that is what I call scum of the earth!"
"No, that's worse than scum of the earth, that's rudd!"
by Keiran_R April 11, 2007
A strange person, usually very rare to find and if you meet one you will never forget him/her. Has great social skills and a sense of humor that everyone enjoys. Can be a jerk, and the sweetest person alive. Usually gets women easily, but for some reason if you ever encounter a Rudd he will be head over heels for a girl named Stephanie.
"Wow man, your really being a Rudd today. Everyone wants to talk to you!"
by SKRLyum April 29, 2012
Another term for buttocks, typically that of a homosexual man.
Sam spread his rudds so Michael could enter him
by Mightyman November 2, 2016
RUDD stands for Random Urban Dictionary Definition. It is what is sounds like, a random definition posted to Urban Dictionary out of boredom (hey, such as this post!).
Person A: Hey, watcha doin' later today?
Person B: Imma post a RUDD! :D
Person A: ... SICK! :D
by A_Credible_Source December 24, 2021
Stands for Rejectable Urban Dictionary Definition. There are many types, of them two stand out to be the most common. One is generated by users aiming to flame random victims through their vicious definitions of them, the other is generated by lovesick interweb users attempting to define their lover's name, usually containing words and phrases like "best ever", "can't live without", and "soulmates", etc.
I'm just started editing for but all these RUDDs are getting ridciulous.
by Rooks July 1, 2008
1. A big hick country Goober, who thinks they know it all and has a negative hatefull opinion about everyone and everything and whines about everything all the time.(adj)
2. A whiney Person in the Military who argues, whines, complains and talks Sh*t all the time.(n)
3. A Semi-Intelligent Person with good construction skills. (n)
"Quit acting like a RUDD."
"Stop being so RUDD"
"You better stop acting like a Rudd if you want to get promoted"
by The Man above the Man September 22, 2008