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Someone who consumes carbohydrates in excess, to the point of harming themselves or other relationships. Common fixes for carboholics include freshly baked Subway bread and Pillsbury Croissants.
Bill: Mmmmmmm. I could make love to this dinner roll.
Ted: You're such a carboholic.
by Rooks November 20, 2008
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An acronym for Not In This Economy. The go-to excuse during the global financial crisis. It is quite a versatile phrase.
Bill: Want to go skydiving?
Bill: You're lame.
Bill: Are you ever going to stop using that?
by Rooks November 21, 2009
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The sensation you get when you realize you've just typed www.google.com in the address bar when you are already on Google. The same sensation can apply to many other websites.
I really need to change my homepage because there's no breaking the habit. I've deja googled seven times and it's not even fucking lunch.
by Rooks January 20, 2008
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The most common sugar and cream combination for coffee from Tim Hortons. Two creams and two sugars. Perfection in a paper cup.
Drive Through Person: Welcome to Tim Hortons, how can I help you?
Patron: Yea, can I get a Medium Double Double?
Drive Through Person: Yes, will that be all?
Patron: Yea.
Drive Through Person: Thank you, please drive through.
by Rooks January 26, 2008
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Stands for Rejectable Urban Dictionary Definition. There are many types, of them two stand out to be the most common. One is generated by users aiming to flame random victims through their vicious definitions of them, the other is generated by lovesick interweb users attempting to define their lover's name, usually containing words and phrases like "best ever", "can't live without", and "soulmates", etc.
I'm just started editing for UrbanDictionary.com but all these RUDDs are getting ridciulous.
by Rooks July 1, 2008
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The turn of the millennium equivalent to the cliche nostalgia of hardships experienced in youth.
Bill Sr. To Bill Jr.: Son when I was your age I had to walk 10 miles, in the snow, uphill in pajamas just to get to school.

Bill Jr to Bill The 3rd: Son I lived Before Google (B.G.) so when I was your age I had to go to the library for information, only to find out the book I needed was already borrowed.
by Rooks January 9, 2010
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To look out for and guard a particular area from thieves. The area does not need to contain especially valuable items. A common task usually delegated to a friend when having a house party, also the primary responsibility for mall security personnel.
Hey Bill, I need you to be on gypsy watch tonight, last time I had a house party my fondue set went missing. Make sure it doesn't happen again.
by Rooks November 6, 2007
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