A sexual act which consists of one vomiting on a male partner's scrotum. The etymology of the name comes from where the act originated, which was at a Ruby Tuesday's restaurant in Texas, occurring whilst the song Ruby Tuesday was playing. The infamous incident happened when an unnamed Senator went to the bathroom to drop a deuce and was greeted by a drunken homosexual representative who was attempting to engage in fellatio. Due to the intoxication, all the representative could do was vomit on the senator's balls, before passing out, head in the toilet.

While at its core the act is considered accidental when attempting fellatio, there are certain subcultures which have embraced and adopted the Ruby Tuesday as a traditional greeting.
"My wife was going to give me head yesterday, but the previous night of partying resulted in a Ruby Tuesday."
by Emerald Wednesday February 28, 2012
When a man puts lipstick on and kisses a girls ass leaving a lip print around her asshole.
Ronnie was feeling a little adventurous, so he pulled Lisa's lipstick out of her purse and gave her a Ruby Tuesday.
by ttownlex January 11, 2010
The act of one man snorting a line of cocaine off another mans erect penis. The longer the penis the greater the high.
Bill: Weird... my dicks hard as a rock!
Frank: Rly? Wanna go Ruby Tuesday?
by dj z00l4nd3r October 25, 2006
A very teeth-y blowjob. So teeth-y, in fact that it causes bleeding. Also could mean having your penis bitten off.
"Dude I fucked 3 girls last night, but one of them gave me a total Ruby Tuesday."
by The Jann June 6, 2017
when you fuck a chick on her period
Eew, did you hear that andrew gave coleen a ruby tuesday lastnight, and she begged for it again!!
by Jelly-G September 5, 2006
when your banging a pig in the butt and fingering her at the same time, you have to step on her head and simutaniously give her a fish hook.
Dude i was slamming this pig and nothing seemed to phase her, so i pulled the special ruby tuesday on her. Shes been calling ever sense!
by thetechman May 16, 2011