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Rubbie is an Acronym for Rich Urban Biker. It is a term used to identify people who have no business riding a motorcycle. The "Weekend Warrior." Rubbies are usually riding very expensive stock motorcycles and wear a lot of leather. A Rubbie would also be the type of person whose first motorcycle was a custom "chopper" built for them by a place like Orange County Chopper. Rubbies typically are unable to do even the most simple maintenance of their motorcycles and take them to dealerships to be repaired. In essence, Rubbies are posers.
Look at that Rubbie with the Forty thousand dollar bike. He had to have his bike towed to the dealership to change the battery.
by Alric March 04, 2012
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A term indicating pure pleasure usually combined with the gesture of quickly waving one's hand over their clothed private parts. Most commonly used by women after making a great shot in golf.
After making an excellent golf stroke, Kim and friends faced each other and yelled "Rubbie!!!" while frantically waving their hands over their private parts.
by Chilly Bill January 25, 2011
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A new British slang term meaning "wanker" or a person who is bad at something. This means it is both an adjective and a noun.
Ex. 1: *guy 1 beats guy 2 at street fighter*
Guy 1:Dude, you're such a rubbie at this game!

Ex. 2:

Guy 1: I did your mom last night.
Guy 2: Shut your face ya rubbie.
by Fidanzato di Chloe September 21, 2014
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