A commonly used adjective used to describe degenerates and creeps usually residing in the city of North Battleford, Saskatachewan. Can also be used to describe places and things as well. Possibly a cross between rubbish and grubby. People from other cities usually don't know what the word means but anyone from North Battleford knows, and probably has used it at least once to describe someone/something. If something is really rubby, it becomes rubbiest. It can also be used as a noun.
"That guy was so rubby. He smelled like pee and sausage"

"This house is so rubby. It's falling apart, and is filled with garbage. It's the rubbiest house I've ever seen."

"That guy drinking lysol is such a rubby"

by RiseAgainstchic April 19, 2009
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A degenerate alcoholic, likely to drink rubbing alcohol and goof
A drunk with money is an alcoholic, a drunk with no money is a rubby.
by Trontonian January 28, 2004
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Rubbing alcohol figures into the origin of this expression; but the essence of what this word has come to connotate are people who seem to live as an underclass by choice.

People who remain consolidated in their poverty; laying aside all else.

People without self and other respecting values, as a long-term choice of being in poverty; probably for generations. It's a "code" of being. It is a choice of being. Unchanged by all social policies to help. A rubby is someone who chooses to be in ill health; ignorant; and endlessly having children--despite knowledge and availability of birth control. Owning cars/dogs, etc. which they can neither afford nor maintain.
I can't imagine the landlord has accepted so many rubbies into our building. It's awful. They bring in their dogs, boyfriends, children.

I can't believe you are going out with such a rubby guy. I hope you didn't lend him money.
by ciel May 21, 2013
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An ancient beast that roamed the streets circa 1980's to early 90's. Had long hair, ripped jeans, and a Winger t-shirt. Often seen cavorting around night clubs and "metal" venues. It had a high pitched scream reminiscent of King diamond. It has been said this beast has been tamed and spends most of its time eating berries and listening to emo douche bags.
Jim - "Oh man I just saw Rubby!" Bill - "Cover your ass hes dangerous!"

"Hide your children here comes rubby!"

Rubby - "Grrrr Dio rocks my world yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
by Blacky-T April 17, 2007
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Rubbie is an Acronym for Rich Urban Biker. It is a term used to identify people who have no business riding a motorcycle. The "Weekend Warrior." Rubbies are usually riding very expensive stock motorcycles and wear a lot of leather. A Rubbie would also be the type of person whose first motorcycle was a custom "chopper" built for them by a place like Orange County Chopper. Rubbies typically are unable to do even the most simple maintenance of their motorcycles and take them to dealerships to be repaired. In essence, Rubbies are posers.
Look at that Rubbie with the Forty thousand dollar bike. He had to have his bike towed to the dealership to change the battery.
by Alric March 4, 2012
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A cute word for rubbing your significant other’s body. This act is usually done while cuddling.
by mc Ronald March 30, 2019
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A commonly used adjective to describe someone whose birthday happens to be every day. Is constantly in denial and paranoid. It also sells cheap feet pictures. Gets cranked off of two O'Douls. She also likes younger girls (not college specifically), while also being sexually frustrated.

synonyms: heated gamer moment, faggot, retard
Hey Rubby, put your nuts away.
by Shiterpants May 29, 2019
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