The pilot of an aircraft initiates rotation after reaching V(r) speed in order to obtain the scheduled takeoff performance. The term rotation is used because the aircraft pivots around the axis of its main landing gear due to manipulation of the flight controls to make this change in aircraft attitude. The nose is usually brought to a 5 - 20 degree nose up attitude to create sufficient lift from the wings.
At 130 KCAS, the pilot moved the control column aft to 8.4 degrees to initiate rotation as the aircraft passed the 5500 ft mark of the runway 24. The aircraft began to rotate.
by an4ljuggernaut August 04, 2006
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An amount of 3-7 ladies who you spend time with, fuck , and take on dates. You do this while rotating which one you focus on.
Sean: I got a nice rotation of Ashley, Ava, maya. and Kesha

Chris: I don’t know how you balance a 4 joe rotation! I only got a main chick and a side piece
by Bignibba7 October 14, 2020
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The name of the bestest, coolest, funkiest song by trumpetmeister Herb Alpert. Released 24 years ago, it's still a piece of wonderful avant-garde mastery. To hell with all the pop crap he tried to release after 1979's Rise album!
Great song with a great "Chef" kinda voice saying:

by Hugh Masekela April 25, 2004
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An amount of 3-7 girls that you flirt, have sex with, and take on dates. They are pretty much side hoes that you rotate when and how often you spend time with them.
Sean: I heard you got a rotation

Chris: yea it’s true! I change the one I mess with about once a week so that it always feels fresh.
Sean: I only got a girl and 1 side hoe
by Bignibba7 October 14, 2020
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