One word: amazing. This guy is really funny and fun to be with and hes always kind but he seems more at ease with his friends than with girls. What he doesn't know is that lots of girls like him. Really attractive but doesn't know it
Finlay is a really good friend

girl: omg fin is so kind,not like those other jerks
by gjellyfishwcandyflosseloln November 1, 2013
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An absolute belter. He’s the guy every girl wants. Usually very tall, brown hair, blue eyes. His name is also fucking sexy, plus his voice will make you melt ;). The guy also has a huge dick, he could definitely wreck you with it.
by fuckingminttt November 28, 2019
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Finlay is a beautiful boy who is the kindest man on planet earth. He is usually tall, athletic, tan, and has a passion for music, partying, and doing things of illegal nature. All the girls and boys follow Finlay everywhere as he is quite popular and has a charming personality. Girls fall in love with Finlay after seeing him once, and tend to chase after him without him even knowing. He is respectful, kind, and charming, but also very dirty minded and slightly horny. If you ever fall in love with a Finlay, never let him go. He will give you all his love and treat you like royalty.
“Finlay just took all my socks and used them to ejaculate in!”
by eliza.hardlay February 19, 2019
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Absolute perfection. Finlay is everything you want in a man and more. Finlay has abs carved by angels and a penis like a sledge hammer, Finlay Is a god on earth and both men and women alike drop to the floor and bow in his great presence, Finlay has an insatiable hunger for women with thick thighs and enormous arses, he is not to fussed about breast size , Finlay brings the best out in all who are around him and emits sexual tension with whatever woman he talks to, anybody would be lucky to have Finlay, however although he has a passion for women of a larger lower frame , Finlay has one true love whom he will never get over and will always love although She likes him back been feelings are just not the same, Finlay will never admit his feeling so for this girl to anybody other than her and always plays it cool as if she’s chasing him and not the other Way around when he talks to his friends, but make no mistake Finlay has Lots of Love to give and is prepared to give it. Finlay is a true work of art.
Did you see that Finlay! OMG If I got with him, he wouldn’t Be leaving my side, that sexy bastard.
by HappyDic1 June 11, 2018
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If you’re called finlay you have a massive dong. I mean huuge. I could level skyscrapers.
Some Lassie: Aye that boy Finlay has a double decker fanny wrecker. I couldn’t walk for 3 weeks
Other Lassie: Aye you can see that massive bulge
by SuckMaChode January 20, 2019
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Scottish name meaning "the fair warrior".
Finlay was Macbeth's father.
by snu June 13, 2004
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A Sexy Beast with one giant cock. He is funny and loves Boobs. He powers over all chodes! Finlay is not a finlay if he is gay. Hes a God. and gives the best hugs
OMG that finlay kid is massive
Finlay you give the best hugs
by elite man May 19, 2011
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