A beautiful, funny, witty, sexy, attractive, popular, perfect girl who is desired by everyone. The name is quite rare, as such women like the description before are rare! Rosies are generally indies.
I knew she was gonna be called Rosie
by Zee 123123 September 03, 2007
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A name given to a select few women who are extraordinary! We pride ourselves on doing our best and always being friendly. However there is nothing that we Rosies can't stand more than our ever famous nicknames and phrases that come with the fabulous name: Nosy rosie, rosie palms (and her five friends), rosie posie pudding and pie (kissed the boys and made em cry), Rosie o'donnell, Rosanne!, and ring around the rosie. Nor do we enjoy you telling us that you have a pet named after us. "o rosie! i have a dog named rosie!" But we still stay sweet and cute and that is why you love us! To sum it all up, its the best name in the land!
The world would be a better place if we were all rosie!
by I am Little Girl November 21, 2005
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Likes cheese, sexy, sometimes loud and mouthy but overall a very loved person.
Person a: look at her eating cheese
Person b: ohh shes a total rosie!
by DUDDEEEEEEE January 06, 2009
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Rosie. Gorgeous. She has that smile that just makes the whole world fall in love her. All lot of people hate her. Only because they are jealous of her. She has an amazing ass, holy shit. She only gets big dicks. She usually has pretty black hair. She is popular. She has a brunette best friend and is loved by that best friend. She spends her time with that girl. She can have any guy she wants. She is smart. She can alwAys find herself out of bad situation. Her eyebrows are amazing. She's is hot as fuck
"Hey dude look it's a Rosie!"
"Holy shit dude look at the fucking ASS!!"

"Let's go get her digits."
by Fresh beat motherfucker January 09, 2015
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