Landless or masterless peasant soldiers or samurai who through dishonor or the loss of their masters were forced to wander Japan until some other lord would accept their services.
It was difficult for ronin to find new employment.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ June 24, 2011
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Guy 1: Damn, Johnny is a fucking gangster. Do you know what gang he's in?
Guy 2: Johnny is not in a gang, he is a ronin.
by YeloHydrant315 April 17, 2016
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\Ro"nin"\, noun: In Japan, under the feudal system, a samurai who had renounced his clan or who had been discharged or ostracized and had become a wanderer without a lord; an outcast; an outlaw. a lordless samurai, esp. one whose feudal lord had been deprived of his territory. The Japanese word “ronin” (pronounced rô-nçn) refers to a roving, mercenary samurai who serves no master or warlord.
by anonymous November 2, 2003
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Ronin is a straight god. Hes a gangster and can beat the fuck outta anyone who tries to fight him. He is insanely strong and can get any girl he wants. Everyone loves him and he is really popular and funny.
Yo, this kid wants to fight me Im boutta beat him
Nah, dude that's ronin he'll beat the fuck outta you

Who is that he is so hot
Oh my god that's ronin
by Godman776 May 12, 2020
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A kind guy who puts others first he is very caring ronin is often very funny and doesn’t take himself to seriously he likes making other laugh although he is very intelligent and does have high standards and pushes himself constantly ronin knows what is right he is very fit and his looks are just a bonus he is dreamy and knows how to talk to girls and it works
by Hi am Bobby Jones August 31, 2019
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Japanese slang for a college dropout or somebody who failed the college entrance exam.
by Jay E. October 6, 2003
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A dishonoured or masterless samari forced to wander around feudal Japan doing mercenary work. Basically a badass swinging a sword around killing any fucker who gets in his way.
If you get in his way that ronin will be the last thing your puny balls will ever see!
by the drunken god October 20, 2014
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