13 definitions by Jay E.

A fashion that consists of white eyelashes, white eyeshadow, white lipstick, glitter, bleached hair, and a dark tan. Vinyl or bright clothing is often worn in ganguro.
"You remember Mariko from junior year? Well, she went ganguro."
by Jay E. October 6, 2003
A Japanese mixed martial arts promotion featuring the world's top fighters like Wanderlei Silva, Minotauro, Kazushi Sakuraba, and Don Frye. A helluva lot better than UFC.
Pride rules. UFC blows.
by Jay E. December 15, 2003
A sexual position which involves the woman putting her legs on the man's shoulders, as he pushes her up on her shoulders and thrusts in her. Ideal for deep penetration.
Susie's been hurtin' because I gave her the bucket last night.
by Jay E. May 25, 2003
Burn marks, redness, or tenderness on the penis or vaginal area caused by latex friction or psoriasis. Not STD-related.
Those damn Trojans gave me love burns.
by Jay E. May 25, 2003
A Japanese national. Often used by foreigners living in Japan, usually military, to refer to Japanese co-workers or friends. Not considered offensive.
"Dude, did those JNs come over to drop off the car?"
by Jay E. October 6, 2003
Japanese slang for a college dropout or somebody who failed the college entrance exam.
by Jay E. October 6, 2003
"She was on the rag, but I was so horny I had to go frosted flakes on her." "GROSS!"
by Jay E. May 25, 2003