1. Masterless Samurai traditional japanese<BR><BR>
2. from a type of KULT members, the modern equivelent - a soldier who fights for causes felt honourable - without any in command of tse. A collection of Ronin are dangerous in that their ideals are persued until you kill/take down every last one of them, compared to a modern/postmodern military in that if you take a command structure down, the army falls apart. since there is no command structure, each ronin attempts to use their respective resources to accomplish whatever is desired. bound by the ronin bushido, a document sworn to by old school KULT ronins
"That guy was a true Ronin"
by themusicgod1/jeff cliff April 10, 2003
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An amazing guy who can make you smile. He’s a great musician and has a good heart. He doesn’t want to date anyone because he wants to focus on school. He still appreciates his friends and he may like someone more than a friend but is scared to admit it.
Ronin, thank you

Thank you for being there for me
Thank you for loving me
by Patusca13705379 November 21, 2018
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The act of taking a behemoth shit.
A massive piece of poop.
I'll be right back i need to drop a ronin.
Fuck dude the ronins coming out.
aww fuck someone didn't flush down a ronin.
by RoninPlopper November 1, 2020
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Should be a company name for iced tea company.
by Having a ian February 12, 2021
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This is a Japanese slang. Ronin means a person who failed college exam and will take exam again next year. Usually they try to attend a good university like University of Tokyo or medical college.
She is ronin.
by mamaintokyo December 8, 2003
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Rō-nin or rou-nin. lit. "wave man"

Ronin means a samurai who has no masters or has lost his master. No longer has a clear course and is carried by wherever the waves take him.
Miyamoto Musashi is probably the most famous Ronin known.

In modern world it can be referred to various things:
1. A freelance worker
2. A spy who's been disavowed by government
3. Husbands who've been thrown out of the house by their wives
4. A pretty good movie with Robert De Niro, Sean Bean and Jean Reno.
Seriously go see Ronin. It's an awesome movie.
by Kojirō Sasaki October 29, 2013
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A male who, because of his Asian back ground, is probably Metro and may or may not dress like the Japanese Raver kids. (see "Fruits" magazine.)

Ronin often carries a manpurse, although he'll probably refer to it as a "European carry-all". Ronin probably has a fondness for house music, Russian girls, Strippers, Russian Strippers and Sushi.

It would be unwise to taunt someone named, "Ronin". Because of his oddball name, he was probably forced into taking Karate, Judo, or Jui-Jitsu in order to keep from getting his a$$ kicked on a bi-weekly basis. ....Actually, this is true of anyone with an unusual name.

This person is also a demon in the sack.
That Russian Stripper wouldn't talk to Ronin because he was carrying a manpurse.
by Arizona Al February 23, 2010
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