A shortened term for anabolic steroids, a hormone group injected into the bloodstream that rapidly increases the rate of tissue growth, particularly muscle. Roid usage is most common amongst younger athletes and wannabe bodybuilders with no brains, no patience, no dedication, and no actual strength. Those who use roids literally trade their balls for fast muscle growth, as if taking years off their lives was not enough.

Side effects of steroids include acne, rise in blood pressure, anger (roid rage), liver and kidney damage, the "frankenstein" look (large head), and, of course, the infamous shrunken dried-up testicles.
Instead of being a real man by working hard, eating right, and being dedicated, Roger decided to cheat and use roids. He was diesel in a few weeks, but couldn't take off his shirt because of his horrible bacne problem, and couldn't bang any of the chicks he met because he can't get it up anymore. Now he's pretty much back where he started. Way to go, Roger.
by Chernorizets Hrabr January 02, 2007
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Includes various meanings:

1) Hemroids in your ass.
2) Steroids and people who stupidly use them
3) In racist cities, like Sarasota, FL -- refers to African-American people in a deragatory sense
1) My ass hurts so bad! I think my roids are blowin up again!
2) I want bigger muscles... I think I'll whip out my roids
3) Get outta here you ROID!
by Devon80136 January 12, 2006
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A bodily enhancer that stimulates the function of the production of testoserone. The increase in testoserone causes your head to grow and your balls to shrink
Gavin was on Roids for so long his head exploded and luna his dog ate his balls because they looked like rasins.
by Shadowthedoglovessmokeysmokey October 19, 2005
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