A guy who doesn’t have sex, opting to draw the line at fellatio, cunnilingus, and other heavy petting, all while avoiding ejactulation; Voluntarily celibate - volcel
Girl: “Mmm your couch is so comfy and you smell really good”
Guy: “You’re such a sweet gell
*sometime later*
Girl: “Omg! Put it in me!!”
Guy: “Hahaha! I’m a third baseman! I’ll be keeping my cum!”
by Smykovsy January 22, 2021
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A knowledgeable person you bring with you when negotiating a deal for a new car.
I brought Chris with me as my third baseman when I bought my new Audi. He ended up saving me thousands of dollars.
by tiab guls May 22, 2014
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As a man, your third baseman is the only other man that you would a have a threesome with thus making it you, the girl and of course your third baseman. Most of the time this person would be you best friend, your bro, or someone you are close to and have known for a while. Your third baseman is someone who wouldn't judge and someone who you know that won't make it weird or awkward afterwards.
Girl: the only way I'm having a threesome is if its with two guys,
Guy: alright Im in
Girl: better get your third baseman
by theTrooper January 10, 2013
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