damn......no way hes that strong from just workin out. He must be a roid
by The guy with a big chin June 22, 2005
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a steroid drug, such as those associated with bodybuilding
He looks like he's been using some sort of 'roid.
by The Return of Light Joker September 16, 2007
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A male who believes he is gods gift because he uses roids and skips leg day
He clearly uses roids!
by Budgie June 12, 2017
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adj. noun & Verb
1.something good, powerful, or beastly. 2. Badass 3. awesome 4.Zach Sanchez
"dude that guy just blew up that dog with his mind! he is totally roid!"
by teh_Mongoose March 29, 2007
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Originates from the medical term for piles. West country speak for a not-very-bright person. Unread, uncultured and sometimes pig ignorant
Ugh, you roid!
by Antonia Kiedis May 12, 2003
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the African derived rhino juice often used as coffee for white people
guy 1: lads on on the African rhino juice(roids)
guy 2: proof
guy 3: balls
by Red_The_Big May 23, 2021
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Term origninated from tik tok by


The term is used to desrcribe black people who demand respect from another race while disrespecting, name calling, targeting and are racist against fellow blacks for stating facts and not agreeing with their narrative
Roids are usualy young black girls harassing other blacks and whites for not agreeing with their narrstivr and feelings
by Factsdontcareabouturfeels July 16, 2020
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