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A game played as a bet where the loser owes head to the winner
"Rock, paper, scissors anyone" said sav
"ye sure, what does the winner get" ollie asked

"head" exclaimed the slag savannah
"ok then" ollie said

*sav wins*
"i prefer giving, that's dissapointing" said sav
"let me be involved" said max from round the corner
"NO MAX YOURE AN UGLY LANKY CUNT" screamed everyone
by Pickle Jar Tales December 04, 2020
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Rock, Paper, Scissors is BTS’s form of democracy. In order to stablish a fair environment, the seven-membered group uses this method to avoid inequalities when making decisions.
Let’s decide who will wash the dishes with Rock, Paper, Scissors.
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by Hope18 October 14, 2018
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