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One who conforms to all of the rules, regulations, and expectations of society. They have none of their own thoughts but rather a form of "artifical intelligence" or "A.I." that involves them believing that they have their own ideas and set of morals, but they were actually imposed or "programmed" in them by society.
Hey dude check that robot.
Yeah that dude is lame to the highest extent.
There is no way I am gonna ever be a Robot, conforming like that asshole.
by Spencer Durham (FOOSBALL) December 10, 2008

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Perhaps one of the most ancient and widely respected games of all time that can be used in making any decision or just for good old fashoned entertainment.
(Kids playing a pickup game of football)
-I get to pick first
-No, I get to pick first!
-There's only one way to settle this!
Rock Paper Scissors
by Spencer Durham (FOOSBALL) December 10, 2008

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A person who, during summer or summer vacation, goes to the beach every single day with no exceptions. To offically be a beachie you must do at least three of the following things:
1. Surf
2. Bodyboard
3. Skate or Longboard
4. Party
5. Grow out your hair to at least shoulder length (for dudes) or waistlength (for chicks)
6. Never go to a tanning booth
Hey bro what are you doin this summer??

I'm a beachie what the fuck do you think I'm gonna do, dumbass.
by Spencer Durham (FOOSBALL) December 10, 2008

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one of the most infectious diseases known to mankind
Symptoms: red eyes, greasy skin, carpal tunnel
characterized by an uncanny addiction to myspace
-Where has Kyle been man?
-He is stuck at home with a severe case if myspasis.
-Yeah I remember when I first got a myspace.
by Spencer Durham (FOOSBALL) January 20, 2009

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