The sexiest motherfucker to walk the Earth. one of the greatest singers and an unrivaled songwriter. the lead singer of Led Zeppelin (one of the best bands of all time). and has the sexiest hair ever.
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin
ohmygod Led Zeppelin
Robert Plant the fucking lead singer of Led Zeppelin
by yaggles June 19, 2012
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The lead singer of Led Zeppelin a.k.a the golden god a.k.a the hottest motherfucker on the earth, even now in his 60s
person 1: "You think Robert Plant is hot? he's so old!"

Me: "bitch you bet your ass, if i ever get the chance imma space hop onto that dick faster than you can say loop zoop"
by 70sgroupie August 10, 2016
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Robert Plant is THE man. Before his career in Zeppelin, he was involved in bands such as Band of Joy, and Listen. Jimmy Page once saw him performing and asked him to be the vocalist in The New Yardbirds. John Paul Jones and John Bonham would soon join and Led Zeppelin was born. In the summer of 1975 while on vacation, Robert got in a serious car accident which changed the touring plans for Zeppelin. Then tragedy strike again when Robert's young son dies of a stomach infection in 1977. This forced Zeppelin to cancel what would be their last American tour. The when their last tour started in 1980 in Europe, then as they were preparing for their American tour John Bonham died after a night of heavy drinking.

Since then Robert has relased mant solo albums such as "Pictures at Eleven" The album sales were pretty weak compared to the massive sales when he was in Led Zeppelin.

Over all, he will always be known for his days in the 70's, and will always be known as a rock god.
"Upon us all a little rain must fall"
-Robert Plant
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Only the sexiest man to ever walk the earth (in the 70's), and by the way... Not only bored soccer mom's happen to think he's hot!!! He is gorgeous (and his ass is equally gorgeous!!!), and im only 14!!! so whoever thinks his only fans are oldies, obviously has never listened to a Led Zeppelin record. Led Zeppelin will, and always will be, one of the greatest bands to ever walk the earth!!!
Wow, check out Robert Plant...He's got a nice ass <drooling>...Not only that, but Led Zeppelin kicks ass!!!
by Super "L" January 29, 2005
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To fake an orgasm, such as the real Robert Plant does in "A whole lotta love"
Dude, the chick in that porno the other night so obviously pulled a Robert Plant.
by TimboV8 March 31, 2009
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Noun: When the size and shape of a man's genitalia are noticeable a la concert footage of Robert Plant in the 70's
"He was obviously going commando, I could see his Robert Plant."

by Sir Loin of Beef October 26, 2017
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Robert Pant was the vocal of the greatest rock-band on earth, Led Zeppelin. He has a fantastic voice, and he still sings even he is 58. And he has long hir too!
"I am a golden god!" - Robert Plant
by Lena M July 2, 2005
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