"I am a Golden God"
- Robert Plant, L.A., 1975.

"I am a golden god!"
- Russell Hammond (Billy Crudup), Almost Famous (2000)
by Buckiller September 18, 2007
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The alias of the mythical Dennis Reynolds, a true 5 star man who spends his time cruising in his finisher car, attending wildly erotic Eyes Wide Shut style sex parties, and helping his companions get off. His erotic memoirs are the stuff of legends, and over the years he has perfected a system to win the devotion of any woman. He was the most popular guy in high school, and is a master of The Implication. When his rage is untethered it knows no bounds, and if you cross him he may chop you up into a tiny million little pieces and display you in a box. He has a predilection for skins of all kinds, and loves working with his tools. Also owns a bar in Philly.
The Golden God: "My rage is untethered and knows no bounds! Be gone from me, vile man! Be gone from me!"
by Pepè Silvia April 5, 2017
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The ultimate evolution of everything purely evil. The greatest person ever to breathe air. Zax.
"I'm the Golden God, please leave a message"
by Effran Cattala October 9, 2003
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A blonde haired man, usually tall in stature. Having many talents and appearing God-like to women.
by -shortstack January 26, 2011
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