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Roak means smoke or smoky according to several reputable sources of the English language. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon Germanic word Rieken, like the modern Rauchen 'To Smoke'. See Shakespeare's 'Roaky Wood'.
Roak is now used by young people to describe the inhalation of illegal hemp as in "Hey man, do you Roak the Schmiee?"
by Botendaddy December 12, 2008
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v. (English, satirical, modern)
1. to discern, in a jaded manner
2. to do above, albeit when under the influence of a mind-altering substance
When Mike roaks, he really roaks. Everthing he says just cuts straight to the cold, hard core of the topic at hand.

But when he's drunk and roaking, beware.
by strawberry January 06, 2005
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The degree at which a fire is burning; takes into consideration the size of the flames, the heat, and the overall composition of the fire.
This fire is really roaking.
Man, that fire has a good roak going.
by Jeff Goodwill May 11, 2008
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v. (1970's, US Black) to beat savagely about the head. (abbr. croak)
Jon decided to raok Bob for stealing cupcake, though it simply made him look barbaric.
by dani October 19, 2004
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Roak is defined loosely as when a man loves an ear. Generally any sex involving the ear. Ear Sex.
"Jenny got roaked on the weekend" - Jenny had her ear penetrated sexually on the weekend
"I want to roak you" - I want to penetrate your ear sexually.
by Kuronai August 19, 2004
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Random Act Of Kindness.

To perform a Random act of kindess "R.O.A.K." without expecting anything or recognition in return. To perform the act without being seen and not saying anything about what you have done. Leaving somebody with the feeling of "Somebody out there cares", and not knowing who does. The best part of it is, doing for somebody you don't know.

Kinda like being a Superman.
How to R.O.A.K.

Leave a toy for the nieghbors kid on the porch and deny leaving it there if asked.

Put a quarter in a expired parking meter to prevent somebody getting a ticket.

Go to a church that you have never been to before and donate something, money, clothes or food and don't give your name.

Pick up a piece of trash on your way to and from your car when going to a store or shopping center.

It doesn't matter who gets "R.O.A.K"'d, it could be human, animal or earth.
by Avalanche5150 February 08, 2009
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I was online today and some dude totally uploaded the mp3 I was looking for ages! ROAK! <3
by mpir October 23, 2009
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