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Rizky is the most amazing Male in the world she is the best in every subject (smart in very way).
Everyone cant turn away from rizky becaused he smart and handsome
by Sebaes September 28, 2018
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He gives off a heartwarming aura with the help of his dreamy appearance. He is a mixture of both what is defined as adorable and attractive, it'll stun anybody that knows him or not. Besides his angelic figure, his personality does a good lot as well. His humor spreads like wildfire and can cause anybody to laugh along with him.

His intelligence mainly lands in the hands of art, photography, and technological studies. Though, he maintains good standards for the rest of his subjects. Not only does his smarts, looks, and humor are beautiful aspects to him; he has a strong sense of empathy to others and does his best to provide comfort and support.

He's that loveable guy that people may say is annoying but in reality, he's just a sweetheart unknowingly stealing hearts.
by leena smith April 09, 2019
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