One of a kind man. Loyal, honest, funny, carrying, and always understanding. A Ritchy can change your whole mood after a few seconds. He will always put a smile on your face and stops anyone or anything from taking that smile away. Always loyal to his friends, a Ritchy will always watch out for those he cares about. If you have a Ritchy in your life, always tell him how special he is to you.
Boy 1: "Ritchy is like a brother to me, without him ide be alone".
Boy 2: "Same here, he always has my back"
by Xero. January 17, 2017
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A pimp nigga who gets all the girls. Coolest person. Some one who has a lot of money. Attractive. Some one who is referred to have a big dick
He's Ritchie man he gets all the girls
by Mark Hilton,Harvard University November 18, 2016
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1) To Ritchie, is the premeditated act of pretending you want to hang out with someone when you have the ulterior motive to get them to do something for you; it is generally characterised by an outcome where the Ritchier makes a net benefit off the person Ritchied.

Lad 1: "Man, Dave invited me around for brews, so I brought a carton and when I got there he wanted me to help move his pool table... Fuck. I think I got Ritchied!?!"
Lad 2: "Yeah bro, you got Ritchied to the fucking nines!"

2) The act of delegating tasks more demanding than your own to achieve an outcome with the least effort.

Ritchie: "Okay guys, if you guys mow the lawn and I put away this salt shaker, we'll be able to start the BBQ in no time!"
Guys: "Okay!
(10 minutes later) ... fuck. Did we just get Ritchied?"

3) Ritchie-ing is also more successful whilst making oneself look busy doing other tasks (but actually not doing anything at all besides walking around quickly...)
Ritchier - in present tense, the one with the motives to, or, in past tense the one who has; pulled a Ritchie on you.

Ritchied - the victim of the Ritchie who came around with the best of intentions, to drink brews with his mate!
by RitchiedRichie May 20, 2013
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an adjective for the coolest person alive. but they aren't as cool as a menges. they are the opposite of a fraiger and a sovi. they are amazing at every sport they play
Jake: you know kyle
Peter: yeah hes such a fraiger

Brian: you don't even know what that means!!!!
Peter: yeah i dooooo!!!!!
Jake: kyles not a fraiger hes a Ritchie
Peter: oh yeah... i thought you were talking about Brian.
Jake: oh yeah hes a fraiger
by Mr. fraiger June 28, 2009
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A gesture of extreme affection. It is in the form of a kiss. Short kiss where both participants open thier mouths in a smile after the kiss has been exicuted.
The little boy in the red shirt in the Ritchie's IGA ad
by david_s April 11, 2008
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When your friend gets his ass kicked by his fiance in front of a police officer outside a dance club.
Damn son, did you get Ritchie or what?
by Annon2019 March 25, 2019
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A fuckboy who is good in flirting and has many friends who hate him behind his back
by Richard Tay 13245 February 16, 2017
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