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A pimp nigga who gets all the girls. Coolest person. Some one who has a lot of money. Attractive. Some one who is referred to have a big dick
He's Ritchie man he gets all the girls
by Mark Hilton,Harvard University November 18, 2016
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A gesture of extreme affection. It is in the form of a kiss. Short kiss where both participants open thier mouths in a smile after the kiss has been exicuted.
The little boy in the red shirt in the Ritchie's IGA ad
by david_s April 11, 2008
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an adjective for the coolest person alive. but they aren't as cool as a menges. they are the opposite of a fraiger and a sovi. they are amazing at every sport they play
Jake: you know kyle
Peter: yeah hes such a fraiger

Brian: you don't even know what that means!!!!
Peter: yeah i dooooo!!!!!
Jake: kyles not a fraiger hes a Ritchie
Peter: oh yeah... i thought you were talking about Brian.
Jake: oh yeah hes a fraiger
by Mr. fraiger June 28, 2009
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A fuckboy who is good in flirting and has many friends who hate him behind his back
via giphy
by Richard Tay 13245 February 16, 2017
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Any measurement defined by the width of three fingers.

Most commonly used as a measurement for the amount of alcohol for one to consume, but is also a lesser known medical term.
1. How much of that beer are you going to scull if you get this wrong?

...I'll put a ritchie on it

2. The doctor used a ritchie to check for inflammation
by m.boat February 26, 2008
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Ritchie is a man that could eat a girl Pussy right he got the right dick size big and long he chill with everyone and he's really funny .
Who's was with you last ?
Girl i was with ritchie he ate that Pussy real good he got that tounge omg its soo good and he give me that dick you won't believe it.
by Pg14 May 19, 2018
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