I don't even.

Used when you are speechless or have no intention of expressing your emotion towards something so ridiculously stupid.
A: I just stay up for 15hours watching Barney.
B: ....ide.
by 010994 November 28, 2010
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IDE is an acronym for

'Integrated Device Electronics'
(true term)

flat 39/80 pin cable
i need some more ide cables, all mt pins are busted on mine
by mnemonix June 21, 2004
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how idiots spell the contraction i'd. too dumb to realize you spell it id and the "e" isnt needed
by foulkeyou October 8, 2004
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Stands for "In da ear".

Its origins stem from the term idb meaning "In da butt". The next level above idb. She's so hot that you be satisfied blowing your load in da ear.
She's ide material.
by piyo319 December 16, 2003
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v. the gentle lifting of the balls while passing by, usually along with a phrase such as "guess who" or "Yahtzee"
Matt was standing at the bus stop when Mary whispered "Guess who" and ided him.
by hemmyhurdler October 26, 2011
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a person i know who writes smily faces on msn.
me: hi
ide: :P
me: wtf
ide: iunno.
by erikiskool January 23, 2009
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super fucking hot male. Could get any girl if hes wants. LIkes chicken too
yooo ide is fucking hot as hell sheeeeeeesshh
by oidsjfwuqgh4vq2gv September 14, 2021
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