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I don't even.

Used when you are speechless or have no intention of expressing your emotion towards something so ridiculously stupid.
A: I just stay up for 15hours watching Barney.
B: ....ide.
by 010994 November 28, 2010
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Jun 6 Word of the Day
True of COVID-19 sufferers and of George Floyd. The key phrase at this moment in American history.
"I can't breathe, said Floyd as he was being suffocated. "I can't breathe" thought more than 100,000 victims as they were dying of Covid. "I can't breathe" chanted countless Americans in the streets, protesting enduring police brutality.
by Monkey's Dad June 01, 2020
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1.) Computer term: Internal, fat, gray cable connected to the motherboard of a computer. Sends data in and out of devices such as hard drives and cd-rom drives.

2.) Computer term: "Integrated Devolopment Enviroment". Software used to devolop applications. See RAD
1.) My IDE cable broke yesterday.

2.) Visual Studio .NET 2003 is a great IDE.
by Alex January 16, 2004
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IDE is an acronym for;

'Integrated Device Electronics'
(true term)

Common misconseption that IDE refers to the pin standard of ATA, (flat 39/80 pin cable). The term IDE only refers to the controller residing on the device itself, not the pin standard used. Therefore the term IDE cable is incorrect, and should be referred to as an ATA cable.
The introduction of IDE hard-drives allowed for much versatility on the hard drive producer's behalf.
by termologist February 15, 2005
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"I Don't Even"

expressed in moments of total dumbfoundedness
John: "Look! Here's a video of Christina Aguilera performing a random coke commercial in Latin!"
Mary: *watches*
Mary: IDE
by Lilly Andre September 05, 2011
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She’s got the biggest surface area slap with a questionable hairline
Wow she’s got a large forehead she must be an Íde
via giphy
by Big up the nonce guns November 10, 2019
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