Rikers' Island, the infamous correctional facility/holding area for the NYC Metro area for 70 years. It is located north of Queens.
Usually, you won't go to Rikers' unless you get charged with a felony.
by T-Dog Jenkins May 07, 2005
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To be drunk. It comes from the (fan) theory that Commander Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation is a functioning alcoholic and everything that he does, from major decisions to hitting on women, is motivated primarily by the fact that he is, in fact, drunk. Can be used in almost any circumstance! See also: Fraked
I probably should have been less Rikered when I said yes to that omnisexual being from Omicron Omega III and then I wouldn't have caught this embarassing Spacially Transmitted Disease
by Prole Hole May 27, 2011
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A kind and intelligent male, usually handsome and in his mid thirties, who makes sexual advances on every attractive woman he comes across, regardless of political, planetary, or potentialy alienistic consequenses.
Guy1: Hey, did you hear about what Jim did with Joan last night?
Guy2: Ya, I heard he pulled a Riker on her.
by nickdummy September 23, 2008
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Verb- To Riker - to pose inappropriately close to a person sat down with your crotch as close to that persons face as possible
Did you just see that guy Riker her in the ear
by Che Mikey March 16, 2015
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AKA Slippery Frakes.

The act of defecation while sitting backwards on the toilet. This is an advanced adaptation of AC Slatering, the difference being in the mounting/dismounting of the apparatus involving the leading leg being swept over toilet. This variation has a higher degree of difficulty and results in higher scores if successfully executed.

In fact, William Riker is a distant descendant of AC Slater. This was shown in a long lost episode of TNG in which Q snapped the crew back to Bayside High School in the year 1992 in order to save the conception of a love child between AC Slater and the Tori Spelling character Violet.

In the episode, Q tries to disrupt the Riker family line by having Slater catch herpes from a wrestling mat. To intervene Riker must distract Screech while Picard convinces Big Bopper Belding to give Slater and Violet detention together alone, and force Slater to miss the wrestling meet (and herpes). This is where the relationship is consummated and the Riker line is extended. Much like with Riker, no woman can resist AC Slater's charm for a full 50 minutes. Ironically, the reason for AC Slater's detention is a punishment for sitting backwards in his chair.
"No one can pull off an upper decker while Rikering! That is the Triple lindy of bathroom moves!"
by darth_hungus December 30, 2020
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A prison on an island off New York in which all of the criminals and thugz go to and a place that many rap artists have went or some claimed to have went.
Over Zealous Cop: Your gonna be spending the rest of your life in Rikers.
by marx99 April 05, 2006
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(verb) To successfully or unsuccessfully attempt to mate with a female you just met.
"He Rikered the Hell out of that." - Wil Wheaton
"He totally Rikered her Man!" - LeVar Burton
by Random definitions. May 31, 2013
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